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At a glance

  • Lightweight design
  • Adapts to various walking speeds and uneven terrain
  • Smooth rollover of the prosthetic foot
  • High level of safety while standing and walking
  • Modern design
  • Attractive footshell in normal and slim versions
  • Suitable for moderate activity
  • Excellent durability

Everyday flexibility with the Trias

Whether you are walking on cobblestone streets in town, across a field, or through the woods: with the Trias you stay in control of your movements. It adapts to various surfaces and easily adjusts to uneven ground.
Instead of concentrating on every step, you can focus your attention on what's important: your surroundings and the people in it.

The Trias also adapts to different speeds. This means that one moment you may be shopping idly with friends, and in the next rushing to catch the bus. The important thing is that you have the freedom to set your own speed.

Smooth rollover and reduced strain while walking

The Trias is especially lightweight and offers you a high level of wearer comfort. Its triangular, curved shape is based on the anatomy of the human foot. This makes a particularly smooth gait pattern possible, saving energy while appearing more natural.

Reinforcements of the material in the forefoot and heel sections of the base spring make the Trias particularly tough and robust. The carbon fibre look contributes to the attractive design. The Trias also has a footshell, which helps it appear more natural and inconspicuous. We recommend the Trias for moderately active persons who require a light, functional prosthetic foot. It is available in sizes from 21 to 30 centimetres. In addition to the normal shape, the footshell is also available in a slim version for sizes from 21 to 26 cm. The slim version is suitable for higher heeled shoes  and offers greater flexibility in choosing footwear. The Trias can be used up to a body weight of 125 kilograms depending on the foot size.