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At a Glance

  • Well-suited for walking uphill and on uneven surfaces
  • Shock absorption during heel impact
  • Natural rollover
  • Various speeds possible
  • Smooth, dynamic movement
  • Reduces strain on the sound leg
  • Suitable for moderate to high activity

Going for a jog or playing an hour of tennis after a busy day at the office, taking the children on a discovery tour in the woods, going for long hikes in the mountains while on vacation – enjoying all aspects of life. With our C-Walk®, you are prepared for daily challenges and can live an active and dynamic life – at any age.

Security at all Speeds

When you change your walking speed, go uphill or downhill, or cross uneven ground, you will notice the unique advantages of the C-Walk®. With the carbon-spring foot, it is designed to help you walk anywhere securely while delivering the same smooth rollover - regardless of your speed and the surface conditions. The C-Walk® easily adapts to cobblestone streets, tree roots, and other tripping hazards. You no longer have to concentrate on every single step; instead, you can chat with friends and enjoy your surroundings during a walk or while jogging.

While developing the C-Walk®, we set the goal to come as close as possible to a natural gait to provide the most symmetrical gait pattern possible while reducing stress on the rest of your body. This reduces the possibility of physical complications that result from unnatural gait patterns.

Physiological Rollover

Carbon-spring feet offer high energy return and actively support you when you walk. You will notice the difference in the amount of energy released by this foot. In every phase of the gait cycle, the C-Walk® returns the amount of energy required for a smooth, natural rollover. Therefore you always walk comfortably and dynamically.

Beyond the fantastic performance of the C-Walk®, you’ll appreciate the accompanying footshell’s natural appearance and formed toes that round out this prosthetic foot.

The C-Walk® is available in the sizes from 24 to 30 centimeters and can be used with people who weigh up to 75 or 100 kilograms.