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At a glance

  • ideal for sporting movement
  • light construction of carbon and polyurethane
  • high energy return
  • comfortable heel strike 
  • moderate multi-axiality 
  • enables rotation of up to 8° in every direction 
  • supports a natural gait pattern
  • recommended for mobility grades 3 and 4

Do you want to remain active in everyday life and engage in sporting activities? The Axtion®DP prosthesis foot is extremely well suited to dynamic uses. The construction of the Axtion®DP from carbon and polyurethane is especially light and enables the transmission of force without energy losses. The light S form of the Axtion®DP  also supports an especially natural gait pattern.

In sports and in busy city life, frequent changes of the direction of movement are often necessary. The Axtion®DP is therefore constructed so that it offers stable ground contact and effectively releases the stored energy in the roll-off phase of the foot. Furthermore the Axtion®DP, depending on body weight and mobility, can be precisely adapted to your individual requirements.