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At a Glance

  • Light
  • Very dynamic
  • Good shock absorption
  • Suitable for demanding sports such as basketball
  • Robust construction with appealing design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Recommended for mobility levels 3 and 4

You love physical challenges and demand as much from your prosthesis as you do from yourself. If that statement describes you, and you also want security and comfort for daily use, then our Advantage DP2 Pylon Foot is perfect for you.

High Level of Wearer Comfort

The carbon fiber design of the 1E50/1E51 Advantage DP2 makes the foot remarkably light while providing excellent energy return. In addition, the heel impact is pleasantly softened by the deep heel band for a smoother stride. With the Advantage DP2, you can make challenging activities such as skiing or basketball number one on your to-do list.

With its moderate axial function, the pylon foot helps compensates for uneven surfaces. Its extremely robust construction is very durable, reliable, and suitable for a body weight of up to 150 kilograms.

Designed to Fit You

We offer the Advantage DP2 in many versions to adapt the foot to your needs. The width of the pylon is selected according to your body weight, your foot size, and your level of activity.