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At a Glance

  • Individually made to order
  • For a body weight over 150 kg and/or a foot size over 31 cm
  • High energy return
  • Recommended for mobility levels 3 and 4

We make the Springlite® II prosthesis foot to order according to your individual measurements so that each foot matches your personal requirements. If, for example, you need a larger foot that is difficult to find, the Springlite® II can be made according to your specifications. In contrast to other feet, the Springlite® II does not have a weight limit and is suitable for all body weights.

High Level of Wearer Comfort

If you like to go for long walks or take on sporting challenges, the Springlite® II is ideal for you. With the made-to-order carbon foot, you can once again tackle tough activities such as jogging or playing tennis. Due to its special construction, the Springlite® II provides you with dynamic walking support. During heel impact, it stores energy and then releases it when you push off for the next step. The advantages of the Springlite® II are also noticeable during daily use. The foot distinguishes itself through a high level of wearer comfort and contributes to a more natural gait pattern.