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At a Glance

  • Softer heel strike
  • Smooth rollover
  • Compensates for uneven surfaces
  • Relieves strain on the sound leg
  • Suitable for moderate activity

Master a greater variety of terrains with the 1D35 Dynamic Motion foot. This innovative prosthetic foot is well suited for daily activities, at home, on vacation or at work. The Dynamic Motion offers you both stability and comfort.

Optimum Mobility

The foot can move in various directions so that you can easily step down with the heel and move through a smooth rollover to the toes. The Dynamic Motion adapts to uneven surfaces without any problems to reduce the common obstacles of a relaxed stroll through town or a brisk walk in the country. You’ll appreciate the enhanced mobility the foot provides at home, or at work - where door stops or carpet edges can easily pose tripping hazards. Patients no longer have to concentrate on every single step, giving them more time to enjoy the company of friends or to focus on work.

We focused on mirroring the design of the physiological foot when designing the 1D35 Dynamic Motionl. This provides a smooth rollover which is close to that of the sound foot. Due to its special construction, the Dynamic Motion also returns the energy it stores. It allows a dynamic transition from stance phase – the point at which your foot is standing on the ground, to the swing phase. This reduces the strain on your sound leg and the risk of complications due to an unnatural gait pattern.
The Dynamic Motion is available in the sizes from 22 to 30 centimeters and can be used with people who weigh up to 100 kilograms depending on the foot size.