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At a Glance

  • Comfortable heel strike
  • Various heel heights, foot shapes and colours
  • Colour: The SACH+ foot 1S101 is available in the colours beige and light brown, the CAH feet 1S102 and 1S103 are available in beige
  • Improved resistance against water
  • Easier to clean
  • More robust

The SACH+ prosthetic feet are the new generation of SACH feet by Ottobock, which have over 50 years of proven use.

The hard wooden core has been replaced by a newly developed, glass fibre-reinforced synthetic core. This makes the SACH+ foot particularly durable and robust. The synthetic material offers more protection against environmental influences such as moisture. The surfaces are also easier to clean than before.

Low-profile and safe for everyday activities
Nonetheless, the SACH+ maintains the tried and tested features of earlier SACH feet: a comfortable heel strike and a high degree of safety for walking and standing. The appearance of the feet is very similar to that of natural feet with a smooth surface, shaped toes and an abducted large toe.

SACH+ feet: high quality assured with two million steps of testing
The SACH+ prosthetic feet are particularly suitable if you are less active and require a high degree of safety. They also meet a particularly high standard of quality, having been tested according to the rigorous requirements of EN ISO 22675. The high quality of the foot is guaranteed by two million steps of testing. The SACH+ feet come in various heel heights and foot shapes. In addition to the 1S101 standard foot shape, the slimmer 1S102 and 1S103 are also available. These are especially suitable for women's shoes and narrower men's shoes.