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At a Glance

  • Multifunction seating unit, individually adjustable
  • Easily removable seat
  • Seating unit can be positioned facing forward or backwards
  • Height-adjustable push bar
  • Easy to fold and load for transport
  • Large wheels
  • Rear axle suspension, individually adjustable

A rehab buggy should satisfy the needs of the child and match the circumstances of the family, provide optimal assistance for therapy and still appear like a regular buggy. The new Kimba Neo does all of that!

While the Kimba Neo looks like a standard buggy, it is equipped with many technical details. Thanks to its multifunction seating unit, it can be individually adapted to the needs of your child. 

For driving or for transport, the Kimba Neo can be folded, locked and stowed away in just a few simple steps. The seat can remain on the mobility base for folding. Thanks to the suspension and large wheels, you can also safely negotiate rough ground – for example during a walk in the woods or on the playground – while your child is seated comfortably. The suspension can be continuously adapted to the weight of your child. Because of the individual adjustment possibilities for the seating unit, your child is optimally and safely secured, well positioned and comfortable. You can adjust the seat to the needs of your child as required during the course of the day: tilt the entire seat for relaxation. For sleeping or changing, lower the back rest to the reclining position. When you want to maintain visual contact with your child, you can simply lift the seat off the mobility base, turn it around and replace it with the child facing you. 

See for yourself how fast this rehab buggy becomes an indispensable everyday companion.